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MardukeWatchmen is a brotherhood, a family. The group has been composed of hardcore RTS gamers who have grown into casual multi-gaming cross-platform moms and dads. The membership finds games each year to play together on either the PC, Xbox360, PS3 or Wii. The guilds Marduke & Watchmen joined forces in September 2009. This blog has been created to assemble and share information about the guild MardukeWatchmen and it's existence over the past 9 years.

Friday, September 4, 2009

MIA but hope around the corner

Funny how these things dry up so fast. Life intervenes and everything else goes to hell. Speaking of intervention, Marvel who has been with Marduke since '02 has asked if Marduke should combine with its brother-guild Watchmen and then both join suit into the Brigade Network? The Brigade has gone strong now for over 4 years with no plans of stopping. Marduke leadership has grown old and not as playful as years past. The same with Watchmen. Not sure what will happen so stay tuned.

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