About Us

MardukeWatchmen is a brotherhood, a family. The group has been composed of hardcore RTS gamers who have grown into casual multi-gaming cross-platform moms and dads. The membership finds games each year to play together on either the PC, Xbox360, PS3 or Wii. The guilds Marduke & Watchmen joined forces in September 2009. This blog has been created to assemble and share information about the guild MardukeWatchmen and it's existence over the past 9 years.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Member - Boan Slinger

Welcome Boan Slinger to the guild here. The Guildsforever Project offers interaction with the United Heroes Brigade which plays the MMORPG game City of Heroes & City of Villains. Many of the members have since moved on and either left the project or asked to be apart of Marduke. The UHB guild is based on very similar principles and therefore houses a lot of very good members.

Marduke welcomes you Boan Slinger.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Halo Wars!!

The first of March brought us something new to the console platform. Many of us have never played an RTS game on the 360 and others have never played one online. Tough at first but soon even the RTS noobs were performing rushes of all types; elephant, brute, arbiter, prophet and warthog.

Check out the stats for Marduke members: Guildguru, Mulky Bros, SniperFodder, & JAckHole4Life.