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MardukeWatchmen is a brotherhood, a family. The group has been composed of hardcore RTS gamers who have grown into casual multi-gaming cross-platform moms and dads. The membership finds games each year to play together on either the PC, Xbox360, PS3 or Wii. The guilds Marduke & Watchmen joined forces in September 2009. This blog has been created to assemble and share information about the guild MardukeWatchmen and it's existence over the past 9 years.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Flickr: Marduke

Marduke has had various photo clients over the years. Many of them were free and therefore limited to some extent. The last one used at guildsforever was bought out by competition who stopped updating it. I have used flickr personally for several years and decided to create a public Marduke group on Flickr.

If you have Flickr then be sure to pop in and send me a note so I can add you to the group, otherwise just visit to look at old pictures of members, events, site pages, signatures, etc. I will continue to make the Marduke set/collection bigger and bigger.

Flickr: Marduke can be found here.

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