About Us

MardukeWatchmen is a brotherhood, a family. The group has been composed of hardcore RTS gamers who have grown into casual multi-gaming cross-platform moms and dads. The membership finds games each year to play together on either the PC, Xbox360, PS3 or Wii. The guilds Marduke & Watchmen joined forces in September 2009. This blog has been created to assemble and share information about the guild MardukeWatchmen and it's existence over the past 9 years.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Marduke begins to blog

The Marduke clan/guild has seen many changes since 2000. The Marduke circle I speak of is that of the Real-Time Strategy branch that separated from a regime of the same name. This branch eventually grew into a multi-gaming core which has lasted to present day. The members of Marduke has found many ways to stay in touch to keep the brotherhood alive for many years. The guild site has seen many faces and has been reinvented a lot. In an effort to organize the group's history, accomplishments and mere existence over the last 9 years this facet of communication was created to show visitors and members both past and new that Marduke will be around a long time.

So it begins...


  1. When did I join? Sometime in 2002? Seems about right...

    Anyway, I started as Cdriskill_M (not very creative I know), then I changed it to MasterChef, and now it's SniperFodder.

  2. Why did you ever pick SniperFodder anyway? You hardly snipe in games.

  3. Ummm...Sniper FODDER, Fodder being the operative word here. Fodder means plaything, so it literally means Sniper's Plaything. It means I get capped a lot.